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Aa wonne cheffe soen faive
Tehy neede gae soo faar
En moere see bâr te bâr
Oo no her loese mae traael
No ditark bet onlae laete
Yez lei too moere te laave
An go treuh loor treuh plaen
Wi goeest gaen te leef

Een saanee dee

Maens heed een a hât teh’s Durango
Heeden e goosts fre Durango
Aa hitte stoene een Durango
Aa haeve togo laens Durango


I’m the chief’s fifth son
The time has come to set out for a long journey
Much further than from spring to spring
Oh, please don’t let me stray from my path
There’s no light without dark nights
No aim without distance
Always face the truth,
The good spirits will protect you

On that single sunny day

A country shaped like a head in a hat is Durango
The spirits of Durango are hiding here
Here I will bury the sacred stone Durango
But I have to go now, Durango!