• 1 6 24 Dva in Ostrava at Festival ŽNĚ / KD Poklad
  • 15 6 24 Dva in Rožnov p.R. at Fujárek
  • 22 6 24 Dva in Hradec Králové at Divadlo evropských regionů
  • 29 6 24 Dva in Zlín at Zlín žije
  • 12 7 24 Dva in Jičín at Valdštejnská lodžie
  • 19 7 24 Dva in Branžež at Kemp Nebe
  • 25 7 24 Dva in Brno at POP MESSE
  • 24 8 24 Dva in Žamberk at Ejhle, loutka
  • 7 9 24 Dva in Ostopovice at Husa na dálnici


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Oe! Âhahahah!
Hey! Hellellello!


Tuar kanie lér tunáh mátár
Núr fatér nór ta bén aval
Túman krijané vet lúnar
Bádalisk te seer uulman


Walking outside my home
May be I don’t have to be scared
The fog  has covered the moon
Haven’t met the basilisk yet


Sülle trot, sülle trahlen sjefal
Sülle trot, sülle trahlen sjefal
Sülle trot, sülle trahlen sjefal


I’m sailing a boat, making waves with the boat
I’m sailing a boat, making waves with the boat
I’m sailing a boat, making waves with the boat

Disko cirkús

Deben krischtőrn Alfø lander
Dünner musik dischotëk lőcht
Leben dochter zeitzen zvander
Gehøn och da winter nåcht

Kølden løch pårol as gehten
Segen den dan Integral
Gølden løch pårol as gehten
Lőchte pǻrs dan Paranormal

Disko Disko Cirkús Cirkús


I discover shining elvish land
We dine the music and disco lights
A daughter between two lifes
I walk  this winter night

I do not care about the cold prison
I see there the INTEGRAL**
I do not care about the gold prison*
Through the shining of PARANORMAL

Disco Disco Circus Circus

*  pårol as gehten –  colloqual

** Integral – from Zamjatin“s antiutopic novel „WE“

Dua dua

Avaras  puhuva dua dua
Misa ihminen dua dua
Kuha eri jota dua  dua
Eestu mamma dua dua

Minus celsius arktik rádius
Calex galaktik hibernatik sporadik
polari kryonik lokaldelen laponik
aurora borealis saxofonik specialist


Chewing leather yep yep
Washing linen yep yep
Milking reindeers yep yep
Bearing children yep yep

Minus celsius arctic radius
Galactic refrigerator
Sporadic hybernator
Polar freezing local flat Earth
Aurora special saxophone player


Aa wonne cheffe soen faive
Tehy neede gae soo faar
En moere see bâr te bâr
Oo no her loese mae traael
No ditark bet onlae laete
Yez lei too moere te laave
An go treuh loor treuh plaen
Wi goeest gaen te leef

Een saanee dee

Maens heed een a hât teh’s Durango
Heeden e goosts fre Durango
Aa hitte stoene een Durango
Aa haeve togo laens Durango


I’m the chief’s fifth son
The time has come to set out for a long journey
Much further than from spring to spring
Oh, please don’t let me stray from my path
There’s no light without dark nights
No aim without distance
Always face the truth,
The good spirits will protect you

On that single sunny day

A country shaped like a head in a hat is Durango
The spirits of Durango are hiding here
Here I will bury the sacred stone Durango
But I have to go now, Durango!


Si maison ni pétrre táre
Dür ne totalmann
Dei jua mon femme fattale
Teatrik al naf
Ni maison ni pétrre táre
Dür ne totalmann
Dei jua mon femme fattal

An astronaut on an intergalactic space-ship is singing a song about the love of his life. He knows his beloved woman only from the poster inside the space-ship.


Sava letro rataha
Zata lidu didados
Alarade ze taho
Sata nidita ho
Aanala rasa ha
Situ ni tu sita ha
Sata nalitu ha
Sata liduzi hej

Skarte galakk tik
Etesmu ala mon
Vartineen romantikas
Neesmu Cromagnon


I found this song
In a pack of frozen vegetables
While cooking my dinner
The prehistorical man
Was there as well…
He sang to me Hu
He sang to me Hey

He sang to me
Of his frozen songs
Of beeing Ro-mantic,
Not Cromagnon

Francé trance

Je taffé chanté tu ta tuli du tapain
Préta ajanté les á total etan tone
eu tas tiole
Je taffé chanté vu ta tu du tais ta fuore
Lieu t´en enchanté d´asen trole
Vue d´etoile
Je t´adore chanté ca tu tuli du t´afore
Pret ende a chanté lieu as tutale etain done
eu tastole
J´ai tan tuote a choi te faire
Oh d´a te cais don chase te tare
Lieu t´enchanté d´asen tu trole est endome
Vue d´etoile


Me ? Sing to You?
Total? Tone?
Me ? Sing? See???
City? Safe? Free??
Sight? Stars?
???Sing? Place?
Mine??? Voice???????
Place???You? First?
Sight? Stars?

Hap hej

O wen lei te resle lella so tleetal
O hen tar esle nimna so treital
O van ler tlei tarre sleleta so tiktan
O wen lei tar eesle nina so:

Hop te trů! Hop te livr up!
Hap tan livr rype! Lapp tu livr lsiesa!
Hundre dreek! Hup te livr up!
Hap te livr! Reve lésa!
Hej, Hej!


Our dog is acting like a pussycat in boots
As it waves a shimmering shoe-lace up in the air
The cows observe it through an open window

Monkey disco is playing:
Hop hup!
Hop hup!
Hey, hey!

Három kérom

Gégy sertélek ődek mégy
Atajandék kérosték
Ferekétes nandó
Hégy Kvár Ű Ták!

Csardás, Tancók, Györom Hajdom!

Két áj mácska sőron véd
Kutya három bléd
Ketelémbek Rámbo
Harom Nár Sagy Gyvár!

Csardás, Tancók, Györom Hajdom!


When  with joy I dance and hop
I turn on the whipping-top
And It’s turning Yupee hey !

Merry Chardash Yupee Hey!

Cat and mouse are on the table
Dog as well is in the fable
Even Rambo makes his dance

Chardash chardash Merry Dance!


Spiane troh spe natre hoh.
Salla ne troh spiane trol silen tre forh si lentre sor.

Al La Me So
Vi La Me So


My little ultrasonic piano produces tones beyond the speed of sound.
I have to play in the future to hear it.

Re La Mi Sol
Do La Mi Sol


Selen tel or aune ni fillandör
Alle enne tsete vätyller
Alle ende follór on den den rahr
Alle êrah su tu ruuhran woohn
Selen teere jôgran on te forr
Alle ende se pælende leîl
All’ aren anderstood ron ron del ahr
All’sette pælende trûland woooo

Laitio vaunu alpo manut mereen pelkeen
Pelkään vettuu la aja-yll, ylen minœ
Alla mino ympä tehde nykyinen kuh jettaa jossan
Keskellä ol ola mosan aina pelän pelennyt kaīk
Nyt se ei ol, miksi mikk naīt
Nana nananyh
Yksi sininen kaikki müni

A song sung in a secret language is dedicated to the little kitten Javorníček,
who was castaway with its spaceship by Nové Hrady. It spent one day with
us, warming up, eating and then continuing its flight to its home planet.
September 5, 2013

Kisma ajoas

Kalma hälte viestabaa
Schrögen hamma estalhan
Hachen kriegen veresmäg
Kölömejke meg meg meg

Tunnustamise keskpaigast
Körgemalt kai üghtegi
Milletakse ajoast
Sisu ajast hiltjuti
Defi termin rammat
Püsis kisma kirjak

Lät letakse ajoast?
Lät letakse ajoast?
Lät letakse …


The Winter is in the room
The fire place is empty
Wood cracles with no fire
Calamayka mic mic mic

I breeth on the windows
Drawing maps on the glass
One day I shall start the fire
But I do not need it now
Try to define what frost is
It is not really clear

Who shall start the fire?
Who shall start the fire here?
Who shall…


Pavasaris pilseta lietišanu minapah
Doch man pialui problemai
Labi mamma i paka

Krieliškinas lipapai pavasari krieliškai
Mane vala labinai
Labi papa i paka

Un tahle faur
Te tanle vattar
Etuan, letuan te fohr


One swallow in the city
does’nt make a summer
That is my problem
So long dear mummy

When it is summer
With spring on my wings
I come home gladly
So long dear daddy

Down in the courtyard
Across the river
Ready or not, here I come


Laba libe vákars kaš a more*
Laba libe kaš ir ljúbam
Laba libe vákars kaš a more
Laba libe kaš ir ljúbam
Minja niš karkez uzrédzešánja
Minja lábim tja kaj lijétam

Keim krijeliškei mište ni ratal**

Laba libe vákars kaš a more
Laba libe kaš ir ljúbam
Laba libe vákars kaš a more
Laba libe kaš ir ljúbam
Minea uškar kéz uzrédzešánja
Minea lábim tin kaj lijétam

Keim krijeliškei mište ni ratal
Ideal ratal ideal ratal ideal ratal…


Love big as the sea
Love big as I love
Love big as the sea
Love big as I love
I will not say goodbye
I love You Like I fly Let wings never lose their ratal Love big as the sea
Love big as I love
Love big as the sea
Love big as I love
I will say goodbye
I Love more when I fly Let wings never lose their ratal
Ideal ratal ideal ratal ideal ratal

* a more – the sea  but also amore – love
** ratal – ideal aerodynamic form


Jene le for le tan ne sol le fool
Lepatrol nai meteor dans le poque
Jene falle tounles mes telefon
Ale schantes tefol lejane pe taue
Jene petraul in meteor
Acha nete le telefon
Le meteor andan mafaou
Je nais kateere sou lenua


There is a strange light in front of a house
A meteor has fallen in the garden
All phones in our street keep ringing
I’m going to have a look

There was a writing on the meteor
That no one could read
An encrypted phone number
I will only call it tomorrow though


Ei wonno d’geva!
Ei wonno d’geva!
Ei wonno d’geva!
Ei wonno d’geva!

Silli for nod tyu see nod tuda rivàr
Mou sofar d’gave degre de fivàr
Oh no oh no i canai en morb
Ai’n donne noà

Ei wonno d’geva!
Ei wonno d’geva!
Ei wonno d’geva!
Ei wonno d’geva!

Sa cuisine d’haar da voc
S’ei no tyu d’man ny faur!
I want to give up!
I want to give up!
I want to give up!
I want to give up!

We live here by the river, I fetch bread alone
My wife always washes my purple shirt
I only go to the bar occasionally
I’m bored

I want to give up!
I want to give up!
I want to give up!
I want to give up!

Echoing voices emanate from the kitchen
Though I don’t understand them at all


Für almast dir altver
Börd ar hanter en de kald
Tir vestfende laben
Börd ar hanne alte vald

Pappa zekt man traumen
Flüght holegt fojchderlick block
Klap anzekt man blaumen
Börd ar hanne kliegen lock


Everything is the answer
Kestrels hunt
Though winter cold
They uncloak the old forest

Dady says that dreams fly
Around our block
Dropping their fruits down to the earth
Kestrels uncloak the closed doors


Wueh t’n anne ne te zorrn ili mene vour ander for
Urolle all’nete soar nete foll I ah d’on wone
Ete dalne ete sweever une fol
Wola arnele wai forroso Who!

A’egain Em lost in Mexiko
En ete for enete
Arsi harsi for enete
Henrry Nipomo!

I wesh mene elle streat on ende for
Ander elen rou trans teroll tendewor
Uhr donne wreatte wreatte Sieron
Ny lett uy laeron and et Or
Oh wah alle eh owro
Mene lett en lehrau

It’s good to cross a large river
A posthumous pilgrimage of a soul is a journey through chimerical lands
Passionate love and devoted friendship
Suddenly, an owl tooted “hoo”

I’m lost again in Mexico
All of a sudden, the dogs started howling
The swordmaster has jelled a warrior chant
Henrry Nipomo!

(the end of story is lost in translation)

No survi

< “ ¨¨¨= *. . .. * 1111 0101001 # * >>>> § ¨: : ¨0 0 1…
0 0 11111 0 0 !!!! > .. >>…. | | |


An encrypted message about the Curiosity rover, which has been crossing
the Mars for more than two years, but it is running out of energy unable
to send a photo of a newly discovered ancient town to the Earth.


Ellå, se ne rútann el el sůr.
Ellå, sa na rüta, sjé tan sjé tan
Vel ette revveles, jútann el el estůr
Ellå! Se ner jútan, n’sjé tan n’sjé tan

Ellå, trü! Se n’ trü!
Ellå! As sjé?


Look, the moon is shining, shining over there, shining over there.
Look, and it’s dark, it’s not there it’s not there.
I hid it in a small box, it’s there it’s there
Look I’ve opened the small box, it’s not there it’s not there.

Now you see it! Now you don’t!
Look! What’s up?


Søke og samle litt little ting
Når det alt sammen ståbling båt
Kosmik båt mum jeg vil monæ or kee
Jeg må flã ewē caller mā deer
Blir større skog

Ans wir ene lõnly
En wind e flouly
Æ se feiev reeden
Ooooo ochs!


I collect small, smaller things on the way
And will build a ship from them soon
A spaceship
Here is my money and keys
I have to run now they are calling me
Flickering with a torch towards me

We fly here alone
Hurry to the ship
Everything is ready
To start, come!

Nunovó tango

Sertélek ígi digital zéstek
Nunovó Tancó Nunovó Tangó
Memholog vagyik hondulog ségegy
Nunovó Zenó Nunovó Tangó

Hundroid egyi fertélek vagyók
Nunovó Tancó Nunovó Tangó
Kompútersz zéne monitor lagyok
Nunovó Zenó Nunovó Tangó


Digital watch tick tick away
This is the New Dance
That’s the New Tango
Memory is ticking away
Your night is running away
This is the New Dance
That’s the New Tango

One hundred sixty b.p.m
This is the New Dance
That’s the New Tango
Computer music, monitor’s shining
This is the New Dance
That’s the New Tango

Pingu hop

Pingu rep pidipau


Penguin rap yahoo


Schlöben klögen intar von
Tlaren feunig gittar moin
Gittar strenge pling pleng plong
Moin hoert ni poten King Kong


My thoughts of You
Make my guitar sing seng song
My heart is beating for You
Not for King Kong anymore


Hai le dagi tahār sag teha
Magik oekean pacifik
Pover guide dregalu, kuk eskel
Moetiv magik sue keaf ke
Oekean atlantik
Ma omeh lenaha tiktok nut druk oinh ulle
Magik oekean pacifik
Niks koi kjug se mulle oja pikkunen
Pikku magik oho rahuliku
Oekean atlantik

Nuu k tu juuh man
Dreek e jeer san
Trami trami see okta pik de soik
Tesmiin men na maka veer ja


Around 3AM
The mighty magic of the Pacific
I’m starting to understand fish, they are calling me there
Where I don’t have to sleep or eat
The mesmerizing motif of the Atlantic
Without fins, I’m learning how to walk on waves
The mighty magic of the Pacific
When a plate reaches the surface
They construed a go-cart which doesn’t sink
The mesmerizing motif of the Atlantic

There was never a sea here
I’m sitting alone on the shores of a lake again
It’s Thursday, almost 5 o’clock
The diminutive demon, the sea, is coming towards me


Trüi san letere ler fó fó fó
Fānneréle tüs pánele trans trans trans
Rütá nete réle só só só
Sunrese n’láta
Seteniril’ tanc tanc tanc

I fáhr só faar
I fáhr, sô ta tanc tanc tanc


The trees along the roads stand tall tall tall
Along the forest leads a concrete lane lane lane
Roads don’t just end like that that that
The sun doesn’t rise
The owl keeps on dancing, dancing, dancing

I’m going far away
I’m going, let it dance


Sun traah si len tro vadensi
Trů ne tu laba nür faadsi
Sion si ve fyta suitaller
Forli sja nanna nür faade

Sen letrol sis V.Atar
Forle ne trosi nene vafal
Vorli latty latty ta jollol
Jollol! Jollol! Oh veross!

Thinn ronn ren oh väros
Oh väros oh veross!
Tün non seloctor net raal
Then! Thon! Truh! Tefal!

Then letro sis V.Atar
Vór le ne trot itara vafal
Tú däenle orinseh
Tü! Ta! Atar!

Doctor V. Atar returns from outer space and becomes a cowgirl. But then an alien lands at the ranch and starts inflating animals’ heads with a straw. Doctor V. Atar then finds out that the alien wants to dump it’s doo-doo on our universe. At first she tries to chase him away with her secret glockenspiel but then she has to blast him to pieces with a bazookoid. But she fails and in the end the alien enters a parallel universe through a multidimensional gate and dumps all it has.


Sú tan foy slutoll
Eh tan foy ütale
Süllen folle sjetoll
Ùtann fall autalle

A dog in front of a fence
A fox behind the fence
A wolf in the woods
A deer in the fields

Tropikal animal

Suel nale foota nahra húahúa
Toola nafūepa lehre toú uhúahúa
Traal nepahoūle phanyr húa
Káv åle must ar natänng húa

Tropikal animal!

Tür na fáhlet, mouri, silli, náthe, kéven, ahforhu, málertai, kúv, har, put, u mutant, eule, hůve, tut, makak, hutilli, náhre


Today I found out woohoo
That in this forest woohoohoo
Live a lot of species
I have an entire jungle full of woohoo

Exotic animals!

A flying squirrel, a tomcat, a lizard, a tarsier, a bat, a badger, a platypus live here, a cow, a three-toed sloth, a mutant, an owl, a reindeer, a macaw, a fox, an elephant


Tü sis dez tuér
Is tü dez tuér

We’re going on a trip
On a trip we’re going


S’eein le trale êusen li dra so far, seeli ty rassane veiuro.
Orron s’eein latalle, reson solfâr, sen li tyras, sane.
Hollan séla téla rossom, tu lûnsi ine.
Tés rassom le h`elle on, n’ la séla.
A lietam rasson, ne fajie.
Sjén le télira, son hánn si igáta.
Láhre ta for. S’een li te, ne rassanle.
S’een l’traha, êuse n’ li trá.
Solfâr! Seeli ty rassane veiuro… uhuh!


I had a dream about butterflies, don’t smother them.
There was a hill, light, yellow, a field.
Effortlessly I’m running downhill, don’t turn around.
Butterflies came flying around my head, don’t stop.
My legs are light, the field underneath my feet disappears, don’t stumble.
A butterfly is sitting on my hand, don’t move.
There is a bicycle, all my things are hidden in the field.
It’s shining in my eyes, don’t blink, I see yellow lines, don’t slow down.
Light! I had a dream about butterflies… oohooh!


Trüle fohlenn’sjill tro lenne sjuuh fähso
Trüle fohlenn’sjill tro lenne sjuuh
Trüle fohlenn’sjill tro lenne sjuuh fähso
Tolle ohlenseill trollongte lensuu


I’ve got my hat on once again
I have it on once again
I’ve got my hat on once again
Summer won’t be back for another year

Vals Liepāja

Es negāju pāri gāju lābinam
Liku bēdu drūva gāju dziedādam
Veldrē rudzi, veldrē mieži nebēdaj
Kad dzīvoju, tad dzīvoju padzīvaj

Ār dziesmiņu vietispiņu lābinaj
Drūva stiņu noskumusī nebēdaj
Kad dzīvoju, tad dzīvoju padzīvaj
Liku bēdu Valz Liepāju dziedādam

Dām Dām Dām

Veldrē rudzi, veldrē mieži nebēdaj
Kad dzīvoju, tad dzīvoju padzīvaj
Drūva dzina noskumusī lābinam
Liku bēdu Valz Liepāju dziedādam

Drūva dzina noskumusī lābinam
Liku bēdu Valz Liepāju dziedādam
Veldrē rudzi, veldrē mieži nebēdaj
Kad dzīvoju, tad dzīvoju padzīvaj


Walking not walking I like that
Singing dark field when sad
Fallen barley fallen rye I do not cry
When I live I live to live

Seeing not seeing I like that
Darkness falls through the fields I don’t cry
When I live I live to live
I’d sing waltz when I am sad

Ad Ad Ad

Fallen barley fallen rye I am not sad
When I live I live to live
Darkness falls through the fields I like that
I’d sing waltz when I am sad

Darkness falls through the fields I like that
I’d sing waltz when I am sad
Fallen barley fallen rye I do not cry
When I live I live to live


(vraspeer vampir.R.2D.2)
Moensteer deens!

R2D2 nept un vamp
R2D2 neeh tu ar
R2D2 neet uh mart
R2D2 hev tu hårt


Come in!
Who are you?
(a robot/vampire enters)
A monster!
The monster is dancing!

R2D2 in a vampire disguise
Is still R2D2
R2D2 cannot die
But R2D2 has a heart, nevertheless


Jug gegræf de in
Venn te eh ring
Alltod iss hjøl
Nir n bören fjôl


We dug a line in the ground
Burnt clay into a circle
When the fire extinguishes
Nothing will hold us here anymore


Lande wear leteran ohnere pene elwhoo
Enete romasee olera tuvera nu
Anna turpol ma taf oppela
Woppela tu nu
Sole nur fore taf orane pe winter who


The whole Earth wants to fly to the space
We want to know about the stars
Machines are similar to birds
Robots resemble us
Actually, we are just scared of the winter